Thursday, January 8, 2015

Selecting shades

One of the reasons I love quilting, and I do, is that it lets me play with color. I've never been a steady hand with a pencil or paint-brush, but I can create a work of art with needle and thread and a few choice pieces of cotton.

This is one of my favorite patterns:

Delbert and Leona pattern
It's the Delbert and Leona pattern by Whirligig Designs. Now, I love this pattern for it's complexity and variations of size and shape along with the contrast of tone. It produces a great deal of visual interest.

But, I don't know about you, but I can be quite a klutz, and quilts with a lot of white in them tend to make be a bit nervous. Who wants to put a hundred hours of work into something to have it stained at the first little spill?

So, I played with color:

"Delbert and Leona" pattern by Whirligig Designs in Green and Gold, King Size"Delbert and Leona" pattern by Whirligig Designs completed in Blue and White, King Size

Clearly, the second one is much closer in color to the original pattern, but in both, the evidence of increasing the saturation of shades has brought out the ring pattern in the overall layout.

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